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Universal tensile testing machine



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Subclasses:Mechanical propertie


Metal tensile test machine is applicable to 50KN~300KN power metal materials value of tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength within, the yield strength, shearing strength, peeling strength test

1, specification: QJ212

2, precision grade: grade 0.5

3, the maximum load: 50KN, 100KN, 200KN, 300KN (300KN to force any change);

4, the effective force measurement range: 0.02/100-100%;

5, the test force resolution, the maximum load of 500000 yards; and unclassified, and full resolution.

6, effective width: 520mm

7, the effective tensile space: 800mm

8、 test speed: 0.01~250 (1000) mm/min

9, speed accuracy: indication within ± 0.5%;

10, the displacement measurement accuracy: indication within ± 0.5%;

11, the deformation measurement accuracy: indication within ± 0.5%;

1 purchase, we devoted to send technicians to design the best processes and programs for you

2 after purchase, will be free to assign technicians to install for you debug

3 of the whole year warranty, life-long maintenance products

4 The vulnerability of 4 perennial supply of equipment and consumables to ensure long-term use metal tensile test function

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