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QJ210 electronic universal testing machine



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QJ210 tensile machine has a powerful digital display system, can do stretching, compression, bending, peeling, prick test 2500N within the material, the liquid crystal control parameters are set, curve, displacement, stress can dynamic display in the display device, connecting the computer to achieve full computer control and print the test report; completely change the traditional material testing machine, complicated operation, heavy single performance disadvantages. 

1, specification: QJ210

2, precision grade: grade 0.5

3, the maximum load: 2500N (2500N to force any change);

4, the effective force measurement range: 0.2/100-100%;

5, the test force resolution, the maximum load of 500000 yards; and unclassified, andfull resolution.

6, effective width: 150mm

7, effective test space: 300mm

8, test speed: 0.01~300mm/min (variable)

9, speed accuracy: indication within ± 0.5%;

10, the displacement measurement accuracy: indication within ± 0.5%;

11, the deformation measurement accuracy: indication within ± 0.5%;

12, the motor: 200W

1 purchase, we devoted to send technicians to design the best processes and programs for you

2 after purchase, will be free to assign technicians to install for you debug

3 of the whole year warranty, life-long maintenance products

4 The vulnerability of 4 perennial supply of equipment and consumables ensures that the instrument can be used for a long time

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