Technical service of butyl rubber stopper puncture force test

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Technical service of butyl rubber stopper puncture force test

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The general application of testing machine Ding Ji stopper puncture force for measurements of medicinal rubber stopper puncture force and combined coveropening force test

According to the standard of medicinal rubber stopper puncture force and aluminum-plastic combination cover opening force test requirements. Suitable forrubber cork manufacturers, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies,inspection and quarantine agency, for butyl rubber stopper has excellent sealing properties and good chemical resistance, is currently the only pharmaceuticalglass bottle packaging industry is sealed with a direct contact with drugs with rubber plugs, and with the popularization of large soft infusion bag applications,application butyl rubber stopper is more widely. The State Food and drug administration since the 2002 edition of cloth "drug packaging materials and containers standard compilation" puncture performance test for butyl rubber stopper of the relevant provisions, the specific detection including puncture force and puncturing falling debris index.

The professional application of pharmaceutical packaging performance test instrument Shanghai Qingji Instrumentation Technology Co., Ltd. in the butyl rubber stopper puncture resistance, ampoule breaking force, the sliding performance of the injector, plastic blood bag pressure physical test emptyingetc.. Can be measured accurately in the puncture needle punctured Ding Jirubber plug the anti puncture force values, the testing principle for puncture device installed in the puncture device, so that the center Ding Ji rubber plug can be vertical puncture, puncture device to speed puncture speed of 0.01~500mm/min, the system automatically records all data pierced Ding Jirubber plug, and can dynamic display in the LCD digital display device, the data acquisition is not divided into stalls, imported servo motor and Taiwan industrial machine speed reducer, drive the ball screw to make the whole machinemovement, balance, smooth greatly lengthened the service life test machine and use efficiency; connected computer to achieve full computer control and printstandard test the report.

The QJ211S puncture force testing machine:

Applicable test machine, Ding Ji stopper puncture force industry:

Generally applied to the accurate measurement of medicinal rubber stopperpuncture force and combined cover opening force test, according to the standardof medicinal rubber stopper puncture force and aluminum-plastic combination cover opening force test requirements. Suitable for rubber cork manufacturers,research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, inspection and quarantine agency.

Parameter testing machine equipment two, Ding Ji stopper puncture force:

1, specification: QJ211S

2, precision grade: grade 0.5

3, the maximum load: 10KN (10KN to force any change);

4, the effective force measurement range: 0.02/100-100%;

5, the test force resolution, the maximum load of 500000 yards; and unclassified,and full resolution.

6, effective width: 320mm

7, the effective tensile space: 500 (800) mm

The 8 test speed: 0.01~300mm/min

Shanghai Qingji Instrumentation Technology Co., Ltd. in addition to medical rubber stopper puncture force testing machine, testing machine of butyl rubber stopper puncture force, medicinal rubber stopper puncture strength tester and other medical packaging test equipment, test of tensile strength of peeling strength test is still the main universal material testing machine, tensile testing machine, machine, machine, tensile testing machine, torsion testing machine,impact testing machine, melt index instrument, thermal deformation VEKAinstrument, high low temperature test box, salt fog test box and other testing equipment, testing for medical packaging, plastics, rubber, wood, glass, film,adhesive, auto parts, clothing fabric, paper, rope, wire and cable, photovoltaic materials, leather, construction materials, rare metal and non metal materialtensile strength, three / four point bending, 45/90/180 degrees peel strength,compression, elastic modulus, yield strength, elongation, elongation at break,shear stress, puncture.


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