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QJDW311-10000kN microcomputer-control horizontal-type tensile testing machine



Main type:



Main application: it is suitable for wire rope, safety belt, optical fiber cable, cable and anchor cable tension test. The host using the cylinder driving, the original brand computer, powerful Chinese Windows software, can be powerful data analysis and processing; automatic control of microcomputer display by electro-hydraulic servo control system, microcomputer microcomputer measurement system consists of high pressure load semen sensor, imported high-quality components, and by computer and software system, with load, deformation automatic calibration, automatic switching range, test conditions, test results of automatic storage, automatically calculate the parameters; test curve traversal, local amplification, superposition comparison function, and can print the test report and complete test curve.

1, maximum measuring force: less than 50000KN (optional)
2, sensor accuracy: 0.01%
3, test accuracy: 1
4, the test repeatability is less than 1%
5, the displacement precision is less than or equal to 1%:
6, the deformation accuracy: less than 1%
7, operation mode: full computer control
8, effective test space: according to the actual
1. before the purchase, we specially send technical staff to design the best process and program for you
2., after the purchase, will be free to assign technical staff for your debugging installation
3., the whole machine guarantee for one year, product lifetime maintenance
4., perennial supply of equipment vulnerable parts and consumables, to ensure that the instrument can be used for a long time

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